Codelet Help is a place where you can discover and share code snippets.


Codelet: A derivative word here to define a piece of code snippet, such as applet to define a small application.

How to create an account?

We now and will only support to sign in with a Github account. And we only need to access your public data of your Github account.

How to discover codelets?

Firstly, you can search here. But our fulltext search engine is still under construction now, see our roadmap. We will enable this feature ASAP. Secondly, you can explore here and star the codelets you are intrested in. We may recommend you codelets to your taste in the future.

How to share my codelets?

After signing in, you will be able to create codelets here. If you published some public codelets, they will be visbile (shared) to anyone on the Internet.

Can I choose not to share my codelets but keep them?

Yes. Just select the "Private" checkbox to make the codelets be private before publishing them. Of course, you can re-edit a public codelet to make it private. No one will see your private codelets but you. But we do appreciate you sharing your codelets if it is possible!